David Ball

Video Post-Production | Website Development | Photography

Ojika Island, Nagasaki Japan

Present Absence

Website Design + CMS Development

Present Absence is a five-channel video installation that individualizes and personalizes the lives of 5 people killed by Chicago Police. These stories, generated from long-form interviews with family members, invite viewers to experience those murdered not as closed cases or dry statistics, as sensational media stories or police cover-up tales – but as unique human beings who made life-changing contributions to others, who are loved and mourned.


  • Website Design
  • Video Editing


  • Adobe Premiere
  • Jekyll + Github Pages

A Physical Installation

— Stories Told in the Round

For every story, five family members are in virtual conversation, each featured in their own screen to offer their piece of the completed picture. Present Absence uses multichannel storytelling in an intimate living room setting to facilitate deep listening and proffer paths to radical empathy.

To Digital Composition

— Reenvisioned for a single screen

Working from the original edits, I reimagined the installation to create a digital video composition that would function online to expand the reach of the work. We incorporated additional information from the gallery exhibition to facilitate a legacy for these family's stories.

Choosing green and blue, I wanted to visually speak to the installation's message of life over loss from police violence.