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David Ball

Chicago, Illinois

I have been a resident in Chicago in the Pilsen neighborhood for over 15 years. My love for travel and nature has taken me to Japan, New Orleans, Hawaii, Los Angeles (by way of the iconic Route 66), London and more to come. All of the photographs on this website were taken during my journeys.

When I am not traveling you often find me in the neighborhood pottery studio, Gnarware Workshop, or finding places to hike and enjoy the outdoors when the weather allows it.

Volunteer Work

Chances Dances Critical Fierceness - Board Member

Jan 2005 – Jan 2016

Since its founding in 2005, Chances Dances has sought to create a safe space for all gender expressions by bringing together the varied LGBTIQ communities of Chicago. The creation of the Critical Fierceness grant expanded upon this goal by offering a unique platform, funding queer thinking and expression through art made by individuals or groups who identify themselves or their work as queer. The Critical Fierceness Grant supported the development and realization of queer artwork through project-based financial assistance of up to $500, funded by donations, bar proceeds, and admission to our Saturday night parties and special events.


AIGA Chicago Mentor Program Participant


The AIGA Chicago Mentor Program offers creatives from across disciplines a safe space to gather and share insights, experiences and resources. With the support from our community, we are able to curate our mentor programming. This program helps guide and grow designers at any level of experience through focused mentor groups that are based on our community’s needs.


Fire This Time Fund - Giving Circle Member

Mar 2003 - Dec 2003

Fire This Time Fund is an all volunteer organized, independent giving circle. We support small-scale, creative social change projects initiated by local artists, educators and organizers who weave an analysis of racial, economic, social, environmental, or gender justice into their work.

The fund prioritized the channeling of project-based funds to informal groups working in atypical ways, inside and outside of the non-profit model, without access or ties to extensive institutional support.


Spark-Online Magazine - Contributing Writer

Jan 2001 - Jan 2002

“The clash of ideas brings forth the spark of truth” —Aboriginal proverb

In every issue of *spark-online we apply this principle to our idea that the new world of high technology has not only created a new "e-society"—it has created a new understanding of self. We call this new understanding of self, "electronic consciousness." Technology hasn’t changed only our societies—it has fundamentally changed us. *spark-online is at the vanguard of recognizing, and attempting to understand this change.



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