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HIV: Hey, It's Viral!

Website Design & CMS Development

Condom Sense: A Real Life Education was a partnership project between Howard Brown Health Center, Beyondmedia Education and About Face Theatre. It brought sex-positive LGBTQ-inclusive educational curriculum to high school classrooms in Illinois and beyond aiming to change the conversation about AIDS in collaboration with Chicago youth living with HIV. Beyondmedia produced a 20-minute video and website which I designed for this initiative.

Creating Alternatives

An Answer to Abstinance Only Sex-Ed

I developed a custom full-featured website using Expression Engine that housed classroom curriculum for teachers developed by Howard Brown Health Center, articles from young writers, and events such as film screenings and theater shows for the About Face Theatre production, Fast Forward (a play about the challenges of being gay in high school and the sex education crisis in America).

"After $1 billion was spent on the 'abstinence-only-until marriage' curriculum, no federal funding exists for a comprehensive sex education. Statistics like these must spur a new dialogue to combat the spread of HIV and expand the definition of sex education in schools."
— Joseph Hollendoner
Director of Howard Brown's Broadway Youth Center

Lifting Young Voices

A platform for peer perspectives

Young journalists, writers and filmmakers could submit pieces to a multimedia blog to share their perspectives and gather feedback in a moderated comment section. These included news articles, creative writing, audio recordings and videos.

Accompanying the blog was a sortable Resource section to connect young people with in-person services available to them.



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